The best ways to Wear: Stacked Rings


Rings are understated fashion accessories however likewise has the power to include flair to your ensemble and glamour up. They are now progressing as trends that one simply cannot miss out on or rather 'withstand'. Rings are amongst those precious jewelry pieces that every woman need to have. Gone are those days when cocktail rings were declaration making pieces. Now people are dumping the big statement rings and are embracing light-weight rings.


Stacked rings as the name rightly suggests implies wearing or stacking several rings on a single finger. Since the rings are going very little, the quantity of rings is going higher. There are no rights or wrongs as to how lots of rings you ought to stack at a time.


Mixing different products and metals while stacking your rings makes it look rich and that you've put in some idea and imagination and time. Play around with colors and appearances. Do not be afraid to mix gold, rose gold, platinum or silver. They include a variety and make you resemble a real fashionista. Mix different sizes like bands with thin rings. You get the drift? An elaborate ring can be combined with 'barely there' rings.


Minimalistic rings can be blended with a large cocktail ring. Sterling silver ring or a thin gold ring or a band is something that looks ageless. Midi rings are rings that are worn midway just above the knuckles, typically a centimeter above.


Style this trend and express your uniqueness with these fashion rings. If yes, then maybe it's time for you to go customized. What better method than to get your rings personalized?